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yugyeom’s instagram update x

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secret meeting

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BAMBAM just had a fantalk!

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One of the fan questions was what the members wear to sleep. Jackson, of course, was like nothing since he has a nice body x

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JB asked Jackson if he preferred Roommate’s house or the dorms and he said the dorms.

Jackson wore beanie with a tag today and when the meeting was started Mark was sitting beside Jackson and keep playing Jackson’s beanie tag.

When Mark said have guys went to jypn? Jackson also said for people who didn’t attend may go out now.

Whn jr ask got7 next album which concept the fans prefer? some of the fans said cute n Jackson said for ppl who choose cute may go out now.

Youngjae seemed to be feeling sick, so a fan asked him if he was sick. He replied that he was ok.

Jackson was aaked in QnA who was the member most beloved to him. He asked all the members to close their eyes when he picks. Only the fans can see who he chose and jackson picked bambam. The members never knew his choice and BB was like: ”It’s Mark. It’s Mark. Everyone, please dont tell us”

Once again, Youngjae and Yugyeom were the MCs for the secret meeting.

Jackson introduced himself as GOT7’s idiot (babo). “Hello I’m GOT7’s idiot, Jackson.”

The secret meeting consisted of intro with greetings, Q&A, game/event, goodbyes, and high-touch event.

He grabbed a few leaves and played pee-a-boo. I thought it was cute. As I reached closer to the boys, Jackson goes, oh bonjour! When Jackson does that, it never fails to surprise me. He remembers me. ㅜㅜ So I answer back. He asked me how I was in French so I replied. Jackson is really the cutest. I really love him and his little attentions. He had already set the mood for me. Jackson was wearing all black. He had a beanie on with the tag still on the beanie. I thought it was interesting. He looked tired though. His eyeliner was a little smudged and you could tell that he didn’t get much sleep. But that was only how he looked. Throughout the entire fan meet he was full of energy, goofy, and extremely funny. The usual Jackson Wang that we know.

Talking to jr…. jackson asked me where I was from I said chicago. He was like “peniels from chicago! I was like… I know haha then I…

Asked jackson if hes ever been. He said yes and he liked it. Then I asked him he seemed to be going with crazy with schedule. He said yeah.

Youngjae and yugyeom tried their best but jb and jr. Kept making fun of them. Mark being his quiet self just sitting and laughing in the mic.

for more fanaccounts (there were too many tweets to post) see

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Jackson, Mark, and JB are participating in a charity event for Hong Kong’s Po Leung Kuk. This is the jacket being sold. The proceeds of the charity event will go towards helping children with Autism integrate into society. (IGOTsubs)

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MY IGOT7! See You Soon

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bambam’s instagram update x

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dream knight bts subbed

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140919 CCTV5 Incheon Asian Games Interview - GOT7

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Jackson will be roommates with Seo Kangjun on Roommate! x

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